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An asexual mess

Horrah for “not flame” flames! This little paint huffer decided to point out that my Harry/Ron story is just one big error. In a nice way, though.

From: LikeTotally ()

So that was like, muy divertida! It's like, so cute! How in denial are you? Seriously. Like where do you find reasons why Ron and Harry would get together, and Ron and Hermione wouldn't? Really, I would totally love to know. So like, when you're ready to admit to the errors of your story, I will be the first to send congratulations. So like, I hate to burst your creepy little bubble, but get cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over that Harry/Ron ship. Like OMG.
They say constructive criticism is good. So don't take this like I'm dissing your views. That's not my style. So like, let's go watch the GOOD SHIP sail!

It’s sort of funny, because you can see where he/she began typing “get over it” and then decided that “cry me a river” is so much more “like, kewlies.”

I’m not dissing your views.
Of course not. I’m sure you meant “Creepy” and “get over that Harry/Ron” in the nicest way possible. This is more of an annoyance than anything really. And He/she/it didn’t bother to leave a contact.

To the supporters of R/Hr: I realize that this ditz does not represent you as you can’t choose your shipmates. Hopefully, natural selection will take care of him/her.

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