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Psychosomatic... That boy needs therapy!

This is a follow up to lord_sponge's post found here: OMG, SUES!

For a quick refresher, it was an Initial D fic which had unrealistic cars and tons of God!Sues. To which when the author was accused of having Sues, he ranted and raved about how "it was unfair for someone to try to sue him for his stories". In other words, he had no idea what a Mary Sue was.

Well, let's just say since then, he's become rather obsessed about making sure that his stories aren't Sue-tastic, though he hasn't been successful from my point of view.

Recently, though... someone gave him a not-so-flattering review, pointing out all the flaws in his fic. The review is long and wanky, so the six main points are as follows:

1) Misleading title; it indicates that it's about one of the canon teams, but quickly proves that it isn't.

2) OOCness of the second fandom being crossed over (Wangan Midnight)

3) The unrealistic illegal cars. Some are even so illegal that they would be destroyed on the spot if seen on the road, according to the reviewer.

4) Unexplained god-moding of the canon characters of Initial D.

5) Random names made up to make certain skills sound KEWL.

6) Excessive OOC + tons of Sues = Original fic with canon locations; should technically be on fictionpress instead.

Cue the author throwing a MASSIVE shitfit on another forum (one that I actually browse around on occasion), and his wanking there was just too glorious that I had to share it.

(Comments in bold are mine)

Author's Note: Okay, after rereading the whole series and a review that was a rant or even a threat from a whiny, high-pitched Wiseman(unsigned) from the Wiseguys (WAHA!) I decided to rewrite the story and make it more improved and updated. Some of the pointers were taken from Whinyman's long rant in Tokyo Battalions: Speedstars Comeback! and what I can say are these.

-I'm bloody, freakin' tired of using cars that are bloody commonly heard of.
Here's a tip; they're commonly used because they're commonly available for the given location, and therefore are cheaper to acquire. Rarer cars = more money spent. And by golly, street racing ain't cheap, y'know! Then again, when your characters are all Sues, of course they've gotta be uber-rich and can afford EVERYTHING.

-Yes, I do take some of the cars off Gran Turismo 2, but I did trial and error to justify and made sure it would be possible to drift or else as a candidate for highway races! (the old TKR's magnet drift is phased out) Because trial and error always qualifies as proper research...

-And who says that SouthSideSlider, Blaknite240, CMDR-Sweeper and me, Outlaw02/SargeSagara, are making original fictions? Hey, pathetic excuse of a WISEGUY. THe locations are of fanfiction, meaning both Wangan Midnight's and Initial D's locations are used. I don't want to hear you little girly voice whining that it's stupid and gay and such! (Seeing my friends laughing at your red baboon butt) The irony about this is that the locations used in Wangan Midnight and Initial D are based off REAL-LIFE locations, so unless he's really using the canon characters in depth, he technically IS writing original fiction. And the childish ad hominem attacks just make him look half his age as well...

-About Wangan Midnight's characters, let me tell you I'm not an arcade gamer or not even an avid arcade gamer, hance I know little about their behaviour and attitude towards each other, and I have to do guess work. I know I'm guilty of it. But the way you rant at me tells me something. Are you telling me that you're a hard *** racer of WMMT who glues his butt on the seat and plays it 24/7, and not eat, drink, sh!t or even sleep? I even took the initiative to BT(Bittorrent) the manga, but only Japanese in available (I'm Malay, and I'm short of cash, so I can't go Japanese classes) FAHAM TAK? (If you don't know Malay, too bad.) On with the ad hominem attacks... he doesn't assume that the reviewer might actually know Japanese and has read the manga, otherwise they wouldn't be making that accusation? Someone personally made scanlations of said manga for me, and even I have to agree that this author's interpretation of the Wangan characters is WAY off.

Though it moved me, and making me remind of some reviewers and ranters that went me on and even over the edge, my decision still stands; it is still INITIAL D/ WANGAN MIDNIGHT based story. That's all I can say. No it isn't. Stop fooling yourself, fanboy.

Signing Off,

Outlaw02/ SargeSagara

My, my... someone woke on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

I'm tempted to send this guy the link to the essay on Self-Insertion and Mary Sues as well as the Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test, but how much you wanna bet he won't bother using it and/or would just end up bitching at me in return?
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