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So, what do I make of this?

Recently, I wrote a very short DBZ story. I was trying for under 1000 words, it came out to 1028, so eh, close enough. If anyone wants to see the story, it's Here.

Anyway, so I clean it up a bit and post it to FFnet. In the description I say it's complete. I get a bunch of comments most going, "Wow, this is great, I can't wait to see what happens next!" Which is weird enough, seeing that I checked off the box for "Complete." Yes, I can see where the story might be interesting to continue, but that wasn't my intent.

So far so good. Making Vegeta OOC is a very tricky thing to do, pay attention to what your doing, don't make him act gay and all that, plan this out carefully. Beleive me, I've seen every Vegeta fic possible, I know his character to the bone! If you need advise, e-mail me. I am a very useful source for what to do with Vegeta, like I sais, I know Vegeta to the bone.
I have no real clue what to make of this, but my gut reaction was, "Oh, isn't this nice? This person has taken it upon him/herself to treat me like I'm the naughty first grader who the teacher has to constantly hound or else I'll piss my pants. " Pay attention to what you're doing" "Don't make him act gay" "Plan this out carefully!"

So, before I fire off an email, telling him that first off, if he/she paid attention to details, he/she should have seen the story was COMPLETE and to point out I don't appreciate being treated like I'm a child for stuff I haven't even written yet, I just wanted to get opinions.

What do you folks make of this?
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