Neva Toad (mice) wrote in fic_flames,
Neva Toad

My favorite flame

I think that this flame was the reason I started the community...I re-read it today and instead of bursting into flames, I fell out of my seat laughing.

Such is the power of a good flame.

A while back, when I read a story that was bad, I posted a review insinuating such an idea. The insinuation was as subtle as a jackhammer to the balls, but I digress. As a result, there was some retaliation on some of my stories on This was for a story I wrote for the X-Men fandom where Iceman goes on the "Wheel of Fortune":

We haven't even read your story and we KNOW it sucks! Why in earth
would you even think to put x-men on wheel of fortune. That is the most
retarded and gay idea i have ever heard. That must mean you are a gay
retard. hm. not a SURPRISE. :) asshole

Of course now, when President Bush flames me, he will be using "human-animal hybrid" instead of "gay retard". His priorities have changed.
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