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Oh, character bashers, what am I gonna do with you?

I gave a rather harsh but polite concrit to a Prince of tennis badficcer who wrote a MomoshiroxRyoma slash fic with Sakuno bashing. Here's her reply:


I do hate Sakuno and there will be more Sakuno bashing and some
OOC-ness here. I write for my own pleasure. It’s my ficcie and I have the
right to write whatever I want. If you don’t like it, you can simply press
the back button if you don’t like my stories. Simple, eh? I understand
that you are a big Sakuno fan and don’t like her being bashed, but then
you should just accept that there are some people who don’t like
Sakuno, okay? Sorry for you ending up reading this ficcie (I know there are
so many Sakuno bashing fics out there, you should just be careful
choosing which fic to read, eh?), I’ll put a warning about Sakuno bashing on the summary.

Not that I don’t accept critics, I do, it’s just that I think ficcie
writings shouldn’t be bordered by some ‘rules’ If we have to make ficies
exactly like the original stories, what it the point making ficcies?
Just my 2 cents. If my fic is that bad, I wonder why some people says
they love it and still asks me to update it.. I guess good or bad depends
on our own perspective. Thanks for your opinion, though. ^^


Not as hilariously inflammatory as others, but packed with nosense. How cute. :3

* uses Cynical!Sakuno icon for her own amusement*
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