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I received this flame a couple days ago. The author this flamer is referring to plagiarized Cassie Claire's Very Secret Diaries. I don't remember my exact review, but it was basically along the lines of plagiarizing = very wrong, plagiarizing something so well known = very stupid and very wrong.

Anyway, the flame:

Get over yourselves. Hey Stop being mean to people on the Internet. Yeah, it's wrong to plagiarize but thats no excuse to just jump on the poor girl like that. She's probably just a kid and doesn't know the rules about stuff like that. instead of being flaming why don't you just act mature. Oh I forgot, you CAN'T be mature becuase you get off on flaming people and making them feel bad for every little mistake they make! Hoenstly grow up!

And my response:

What is your definition of a flame? I did nothing of the sort; I merely told the girl that plagiarizing a well-known story was ridiculous as she was certain to be caught.

Pleading ignorance is no excuse. She should be at least thirteen to be registered at At thirteen, she is aware of the difference between right and wrong. Stealing falls into the latter and that is what plagiarism is: stealing.

If I wanted to be immature, I would have told her exactly what my thoughts on plagiarism is, but I did not. By the way, I do not "get off" on flaming people. My fetishes are none of your business.

Thank you for expressing your concern and in the future I will continue to be brutally honest with the work that people publish to the internet. After all, how can one grow as an author without receiving honest critism?


I still haven't heard anything back from her.

ETA: Ironically, the ad at the top of my inbox reads thusly: Stop Plagiarism Now - - Used by thousands of institutions in over 80 countries - since 1996
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