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I just love when little kids flame....

This is just great. Don't you love when little kids flame your fic even though you warned the audience about what would be inside the link?

I love it.

I love it so much that I had fun replying to the 'anonymous' flame in the authors note in the beginning of the next chapter so that all my nice reviewers had a field day laughing in their next comments.

They call themselves 'straight_girls'

YOUR INSULTING Jenny N.'s WORK!>By straight girl#1> you made Charlie GAY! ;_; you should be ashamed of yourself!
no offence but you are a BIG pervert! and why did you make Charlie a big icky gaylord idiot and Manfred a big ugly vampire pervert lord of gay people. And don't write stories for perverts or else you'll make them more perverty.>straight girl#2(we are straight and it's staying that way! or else who ever tries makes straight girls perverts or anything like that we won't be very happy).

Cutest thing you have ever seen huh?

First thing, do I care if they think I am a perv? The fic was rated PG-13 at the time of this flame (it went up about 2 ratings now though). And I said that it was slash aka boy on boy which I stated specifically.
Second, I didn't make anyone a gaylord or a vampire. WTF? Where the hell did they come up with that? I wasn't trying to make them gay. I'm not gay. Does that mean I can't write slash? HELL NO! Plenty of straight people write yaoi and slash. Who cares? It is their own business!

Here is my actual reply;
Well little girls, if you knew this was going to yaoi/slash, why did you read it? Its typically your own damn fault, not mine. Yes, I am pretty pervy, but then, so are most of the people on and - what the hell happened to you? I don’t recall making Manfred a gay vampire. Where did I ever call him a vampire? Oh, and maybe for your naïve minds, this will confuse you; I am not trying to make you gay or bi. FYI, I am a straight girl who writes slash as are many other girls who write guy on guy. Not everybody is gay on here, and the people who are, you shouldn’t bash. Act more mature next time you decided to flame a story for fun.

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