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When I was 13 or 14, I used to write really bad Digimon fiction. I had this one craptacular story that many people seemed to like, so I just kept going (and going and going) with it. Anyway, I got this review a while back (years after I'd finished the story) and it gave me a giggle. Mind you, it's mainly an attack on my virtue. Still, this creativity should be commended.

Man! Are you horny or just a natural slut? Man, if writing is a reflection on the author, then your looser than a Vietnamese whore. This story has no substance whatsoever, the characters are OOC, the grammer sucks as well as the spelling, and, oh lets just cut to the chase, shall we...

You're the biggest fucking cow in the world, not to mention you got no brains, no class, and you're probably carrying more STD's than the average medical dictionary.

M'hm, yes... My grammer sucks, does it? Probably because I got no brains, eh? *sigh* What gets me is, there was no graphic sex in the story! And I'm pretty sure it was rated PG or PG-13. What an oddball.
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