JL (lady_jenna) wrote in fic_flames,

I really just need to ask, is this even a flame or just stupid?

first of all i would just like to say that i luved reading this story and dat
even tho sum of the parts of the story were unrealistic, i reely REELY like it
alot! but there r still some things i wuld like to talk to u about.

im sorry if this may seem a little biased seeing as i am a christian but i
thought i shuld say it n e way. not everything that happens in life is fair nor
is it all gods fualt. i understand it might be hard for u to understand that
but i just want u to noe that it is ok.

i noe this mite not change ur opinion on being an athiest, but god did say in
the bible not to do drugs to the point that it affects the people around u and
that if u do its a sin, and i am srry to say that it did affect u seeing as now
u r an athiest.

i apologize in advance if the next thing i write offends u in n e way for i
didnt mean it to come out that way its just wat i think and u dont have to
consider it its just that i know i wuldnt sleep rite if i didnt say it.

a thing u shuld think about is if u believe that there is no other higher being
such as a god, then why are u blaming his death on god?

i noe there are sumtimes that reely want to question god, like why da hell is
their poverty, why DID MY BEST FRIEND HAVE TO die of sum horrible diesease that
wasnt even her fault for getting, or why are we being terrorized. but we need to
stop and realize wat reely came out of it and how it was caused, becuz in
reality half the promblems we face in life have been brought onto ourselves by
us. and sumthings like ppl dieing have good effects like they dont have to
suffer or that was reely the only way u culd actualy reach out to a person.

now i am assuming that it was ur dad that died from lung cancer seeing as u feel
so strongly about it and i am sorry about that.

now if u want to hate me after all this its ok, if u think i am a bitch its
still ok, if u want me burn in hell and still be an athiest its ok, i just
wanted u to noe that its ok to be sad, and that u hopefully move on from the

a reader,
ify anene (yes my name is reely ify)
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